High Knob Fire Tower

The High Knob Fire Tower is located at an elevation of 4,107 feet, on the state line between Virginia's Rockingham County and West Virginia's Pendleton County on Hwy 33 west, less than 25 miles from Harrisonburg.  The state line is at the top of the mountain between VA and WV.  Outstanding views from the tower!

High Knob Fire Tower was declared a National Historic Lookout on January 27, 1994.  It is unique in that it is constructed of rocks; most others were made of wood or metal.  Construction started in 1939 by WWI veterans and was completed by the CCC in 1940.  The tower is no longer used for fire detection.

The public may climb up the tower and enjoy the view from the tower's catwalk.  Parking along U.S. 33 is limited.  A 40 minute hike leads to the tower.  Please respect private land and stay on the trail.