Hanover Tavern

Part of the Hanover Courthouse Historic District, begun in 1733, Hanover Tavern is listed on the Virginia & National Registers of Historic Places as a rare surviving example of county government building sets once common in Virginia. The Tavern’s illustrious life included many roles – inn, stagecoach stop, post office and dinner theater. After 15 years of restoration by the Hanover Tavern Foundation, the Tavern once again welcomes the community!

Take a self-guided tour and view exhibits of the Tavern’s storied past. Attend educational programs including workshops, performances, and lectures that enlighten and entertain. Dine at Hanover Tavern & Pub, the Tavern's full-service restaurant, where the innovative menu evokes the Tavern’s rich traditions. See a Barksdale Theatre performance in the original home of the company.