Hampton University Museum at Hampton University

The collection is one of the most impressive of multicultural art in  America.  Founded in 1868, the museum is the nation's oldest  African-American museum and the oldest museum in Virginia.  The holdings  represent the first assemblage of African art collected by African  American William H. Shepperd and it is the first institutional  collection of work by African-African artists. The more than  12,000  objects and works of art are representative of cultures from around the  world.

The museum's focus turned to the fine arts in 1894 with the  acquisition of Henry Ossawa Tanner's The Banjo Lesson. Works by Jacob  Lawrence, John Biggers, Samella Lewis and Elizabeth Catlett are also  among the collection.  The museum's art holdings of the Harlem  Renaissance period are among the nation's finest.

Pick up a walking tour brochure at Hampton University Museum, the  oldest African-American museum in the nation, to tour the historic  Hampton University campus, home to several national historic landmarks.  The museum  has one of the most exceptional collections of African,  Native-American and African-American art in the United States and is  the oldest African-American museum in the country. The museum is also  renowned for its world-class collection of contemporary art by  African-American artists.

Hours: Mon.–Fri., 8 am–5 pm; Sat., noon–4 pm. Closed on Sundays,  major holidays and campus holidays.