Gwynn's Island Museum

Located in Mathews County on historic Gwynn's Island, the Gwynn's Island Museum was established in 1991 as a community project to preserve the rich history of Gwynn's Island and Mathews County. A 100-year-old building, originally serving as the Odd Fellows Lodge and later the Island's first public school, was donated in 1992 and restored by dedicated volunteers to what you see today. Two floors of exhibit space include Gwynn's Island School memorabilia, prehistoric fossils, Indian and Colonial artifacts, antique dresses, gowns, quilts and extensive military and Merchant Marine displays from the Civil War to the present. Other displays feature Island watermen, the Roman connection to Gwynn's Island, and the Battle of Cricket Hill.

Open May thru October, Fri, Sat & Sun. Call to arrange tours for 8 or more during off season.