Enon Church

Hanover County has many sites associated with the Civil War. Most of the major battlefields can be found by following two driving trails established by Virginia's Civil War Trails program; the 1862 Peninsula Campaign and Lee vs. Grant 1864. Maps and information can be found by calling 1-888-CIVIL WAR or by visiting www.civilwartraveler.com. Enon Church - On May 28, 1864, Union and Confederate forces clashed around Enon Church in one of the fiercest cavalry battles of the Civil War. The seven-hour battle, known as Haw's Shop, erupted when both sides met during reconnaissance. After a brief fight on horseback, Confederate cavalry fell back west of the church and built fortifications to withstand the Union assaults. The sides battled for several hours before General George Custer's Union brigade turned the stalemate into victory.