Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace

Birthplace of the First Lady of President Woodrow Wilson. Edith Bolling Wilson's humble beginnings in the charming southern town of Wytheville, Virginia served her well as she left her tranquil small-town life to live in the White House as First Lady.    In 1919 when a stroke left President Woodrow Wilson paralyzed, Edith managed his affairs and reportedly handled many governmental details as she helped shield the President and the extent of his illness from Congress and the public.  Because of her intimate and extensive involvement during this time, she has been referred to as "The First Woman President".


....History, Heritage, and Romance

These three words describe the story inherent to the life of First Lady Mrs. Wilson.  This is a story that embodies  History – that of the 35th First Lady of the United States and her Bolling family; Heritage – a proud, prominent southwest  Virginia family, direct descendants of Pocahontas;  and Romance.  There was a youthful "fascination," a first marriage that was pivotal in Mrs. Wilson's life helping her become a strong, independent woman; and the romance between a "lovesick" President and a forward-thinking widow.

The Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum is steward to the history and birthplace of this influential, popular, and politically significant woman of the twentieth century.