Belle Boyd Cottage

At the tender age of 17, Belle Boyd made her debut as a Southern Spy. Living in Martinsburg, VA (later to become WV), she shot and killed a Federal soldier who attempted to raise a Union flag over her house. Exonerated of the charges brought against her, she was sent to Front Royal to visit her aunt and uncle, the Stewarts. The Stewarts were operating the Fishback Hotel in Front Royal. Located behind the hotel was a small cottage where Belle stayed, now called the Belle Boyd Cottage. Visit Belle Boyd Cottage to learn more about Belle's life, how she spied on the Union solders and officers at the hotel, and how she helped Stonewall Jackson in the Battle of Front Royal on May 23, 1862. The cottage has been restored as a living history museum depicting Warren County during the Civil War. A guided tour is provided Mon-Fri.