Prince William County and Manassas Food Tour

DC Metro Food Tours integrates historic and cultural sites with visits to local restaurants, markets, and distilleries. Guests enjoy local specialties and learn about an area through its people and the food available to them.

Since 2007, we have developed food tours and culinary events that allow our guests to experience rather than see an area, in a multi-sensory format. Our goal is to execute on a flawless event and bring your tour expectations to the next level. Our culinary experiences showcase the best tastes, smells, sounds, and learning experiences an area has to offer.

Fortune 500 companies and a wide array of tour operators have successfully relied on our services for their guests. We thrive on customizing tours and creating itineraries from our extensive repertoire specifically for your group’s budget, schedule, and desires. Please find our detailed itinerary on the opposite side, and we look forward to serving you.


 Please contact for specific program details.