Virginia Space Flight Adventure Camp

SPACE FLIGHT ADVENTURE CAMP is the place to be this summer if you are a student 11-15 years of age and enjoy model rocketry, robotics and flight simulation!

Besides the fun-filled classroom activities, you'll actually visit many operational NASA, NOAA and Navy facilities. Field trips include a visit to NASA's Range Control Center, Payload Testing & Assembly Center, Launch Sites, Aircraft Control Tower, Fire & Rescue Station, NOAA'S Command & Data Acquisition Station and the U S Navy Aegis Traning Center.

Since SFAC is held at NASA Wallops Flight Facility, an operational NASA base, students can expect to see F-18's,  C-130's, P-3's, research aircraft, as well as Coast Guard & Navy aircraft.

Fun-filled evenings include trips to a Chincoteague Island amusement park and Assateague Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Camp Costs are $895.00 which are All Inclusive. (Dormitory, Meals, Classroom Materials, T-Shirt)

Event Dates/Times

7/27/2014 - 8/1/2014
8/3/2014 - 8/8/2014