Track & Field - Subway Commonwelath Games of Virginia

Date: Saturday, July 18th (Youth) and Sunday, July 19th (15 yrs and older)

Location: William Fleming High School

Fee: $15 per event
Add $5 for all individual mail-in registrations & $20 for team registrations

Team Entry: Maximum of 4 event per team member. $315 for a team of 15-20 athletes, $420 for teams of 21-30 athletes, $525 for teams of 31-40 and $620 for teams of 41-50. Each team may have 1 coach per 5 athletes. In order to receive this price team's must mail, fax or email registration - Cannot be done online.

Entry deadline: July 13, 2015 - There will be on-site registration.

Event Dates/Times

7/18/2015 - 7/19/2015


 There are fees to participate.