Surry County African American Festival and Family Reunion

Prior to the Civil War, Surry County had the largest population of freemen in the southern United States.  Many decendants of those same families still call Surry County home.  The African-American Heritage Society hosts the annual African-American Festival and Family Reunion which celebrates the African American family and the contributions of people of African decent to the building of America. You are invited to attend and join in the celebration by telling your family's story and participating in the fun activities.

The Reunion Festival will allow you to explore the bonds that African-Americans share with the motherland, Africa, other ethnic groups and the African Diaspora spread throughout the western hemisphere. During the Reunion Festival, you will be able to explore the service of Surry African Americans soldiers and sailors during the civil was and the institutions that helped African American communities to pull themselves up by their own boot straps.

Event Dates/Times

8/23/2014 - 8/24/2014
 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM