Stratford Hall's Grandparent/Grandchild Camps

Stratford's summer camp puts the "grand" in "grandparenting." Three days of full-filled, educational activities offer a memorable family bonding experience while participants are re-living 18th-century life on a Virginia plantation. The myriad of hands-on experiences include looking for shark teeth fossils, fishing, and marching as the colonial Virginia militia. Children and adults alike enjoy playing music on a recorder, trying out a harpsichord and experiencing projects in the visual arts. Campers may try their hands at bricklaying, surveying, archeology, working the tobacco field and baking a pie in the open hearth kitchen and so much more. The suggested child age is 1st grade completed through age 12. The cost is $375 per person and includes lodging and all meals. Enrollment is limited to only 20 children plus their grandparents.

Event Dates/Times

8/4/2015 - 8/6/2015
 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM