Steampunk: Visions of Futures Past

Experience the fantastical craftsmanship, conveyances and contraptions from an alternative Victorian era and Wild West frontier in “Steampunk: Visions of Futures Past” during Blackbeard Festival Weekend.

Enjoy the quirkadelic pop of the time-traveling band Uglyography and their friends the dimension defying country cousins The Framers, along with the exotic dances of Wicked Hips, for an opening event on Friday. 

Throughout the weekend marvel at the imagination and workmanship of artisans whose vehicles, weaponry, communication devices, musical reproduction gear and fashion, conjure up time when airships were commonplace and steam power ruled the world! Entry to the Hampton History Museum, Hampton History Galleries and Steampunk exposition is free Saturday and Sunday.

Event Dates/Times

 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


 Friday event admission is $5; Exhibition is free