Star City Jubilee

A very exciting event is coming to Roanoke and First
Baptist Church April 18-20, 2013. This event is called Star City Jubilee, a conference for all adults but
particularly to our more mature friends. It is designed to encourage, inspire, and bless all
who attend. Attendees will laugh, probably cry, be uplifted, encouraged, and find helps with issues that seniors deal with on a regular basis. These helps will include Expo-style booths providing information and help with everything from health care to
handling finances, and even entertainment in the Roanoke area for seniors.

The Star City Jubilee line up will feature:

 Greater Vision, The Brothers,• Phil Cross & Poet Voices,  Janet Paschal

Others include:

• Dennis Swanburg, Buddy Greene, David Browning (better known as "The Mayberry Deputy")

• Junior Hill,• Phil Hoskins, Jonathan Falwell

To our knowledge nothing like this has come to the
Roanoke valley. Conferences of this type have been done in Branson and Pigeon Forge, and this spring this one will be held in Roanoke!


 $49 until Jan 31, $65 Feb 1-28, $75 Mar 1-Apr 18