Memorial Day Ceremony - Versace Plaza/Memorial in Alexandria, VA

Memorial Day Ceremony at 11 AM on Monday, 25 May 2015;at the Captain Rocky Versace Plaza in Alexandria. The "Friends of Rocky Versace" (Capt. HR Versace, USMA 1959, posthumous Medal of Honor Recipient and Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee) will host a program to honor both the 67 Alexandrians who were KIA/MIA during the Vietnam War and all our nation's Fallen Military Heroes. The Program will include: (1) reading the names of Alexandria's 67 Vietnam War Fallen Heroes; (2) reading the Capt Versace Medal of Honor Citation; (3) reading the Tribute to Capt Versace written by his fellow PoW, 1Lt James "Nick" Rowe; (4) Wreath laying; and (5) the playing of "Taps"; Observance will be outdoors at the Mt Vernon Recreation Center in the city of Alexandria.