Kayak Building and Coastal Ecology on the Chesapeake Bay

Building a skin-on-frame kayak will mean more to you than you could ever envision. You get a boat you can be proud of, a kayak you will love, and the knowledge and confidence to build one on your own. This workshop is designed for individuals with an interest in creating a seaworthy craft with their own hands. SOF kayak building is one of the most exciting, skill enhancing and satisfying projects you can undertake. This workshop is perfect for beginner boat builders. It's not complicated, and you will learn the skills needed as you go. You will have a week of enjoyable work mixed in with kayaking adventures.
All of the wooden parts of your kayak will be precut by our skilled instructor. Kayaks will be constructed of Western Red Cedar and covered with 9 ounce Dacron skin to create a strong outer skin. Participants can choose to build one of two, skin-on-frame kayak designs. Kayak completion will take five days and will be taught through a series of guided solo and group activities. Students are encouraged to bring a partner to assist them as this course can be a great family project. Participants should be 12 years or older.

Event Dates/Times

9/28/2014 - 10/5/2014


 $1795.00 - Course tuition includes 8 nights lodging, all meals, guided kayak tours, field excursions, tools, instruction, materials, a Greenland paddle and choice of a 15ft Ravenswood skin-on-frame kayak or 17ft Vardo skin-on-frame kayak.