Hokie BugFest

The Hokie BugFest is a smorgasbord of bug-themed activities for kids of all ages. It features a live Bug Zoo, a haunted Bug House, luminescent bugs, games, crafts, and eye-catching exhibits. Bug enthusiasts can admire a giant bird-eater tarantula, watch cockroach races, try on a beekeeper's suit, and see a silkworm cocoon. Other activities include making bug boxes, tossing bug bags, and guessing how many crickets are in a tank. After visiting eight exhibits, children can earn a junior entomologist certificate. The themes of science and discovery are interwoven into all activities. Older kids and adults will enjoy learning about gypsy moths, bed bugs, monsters of the insect world, and beekeeping. Young entomologists can try to stump the "wizards of entomology" and learn about the importance of insects to our environment. The Alberti Flea Circus and the HokieBird will also perform.

Event Dates/Times

 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM