Highland Co. Mountain Mama Road Bike Challenge

Mountain  Mama Road Bike Challenge participants enjoy some of the most beautiful rural  countryside east of the Mississippi River. Grueling ascents, thrilling  descents, rolling valley roads and breathtaking views from high atop the  mountains of the Allegheny Highlands guarantee a challenge for all cycling  skill levels. Participants can choose for four differnt routes -- (#1) 27 miles through the Blue Grass Valley, (#2) 53 miles including 2 states and 4 mountains, (#3) 70 miles including two staes, 4 mountain and the Blue Grass Valley, or  (#4) 100 miles including 2 states, 3 counties, 9 mountains, and a 13,720 feet of climb!! Water and food stops are located every 15-20 miles. SAG support  is provided.  A post ride meal is  included.

Event Dates/Times

 8:00 AM