Gathering of Civil War Eagles

Suppose the War Between the States was over; the principal Commanders and both Presidents survived and all were gathered together for a round of discussions regarding the contest.

Now suppose you had the opportunity to be at this "gathering" in the form of a representative of the press; able to ask questions of these knowledgeable individuals.

"A Gathering of Civil War Eagles" offers just such an opportunity. The Nations most prominent impressionists of Lincoln, Grant, Custer, Davis, Lee, Stuart and many others engage in debates throughout the weekend and offer themselves to you for those questions you've always wanted to ask.


Our program will take you through the crushing and final defeat of the Confederacy’s armies, and the ignominious end of its Government. We will discuss Lincoln’s Assassination and its effect on Southern reconstruction. And, in a rare opportunity for students of the Civil War, you will hear what happened to many of its leading lights, both men and women, after the War ended.

Event Dates/Times

6/5/2015 - 6/7/2015