Eastern Shore of Virginia Birding and Wildlife Festival

Based  in Cape Charles, Virginia, the Eastern Shore Birding and Wildlife  Festival is the perfect opportunity to experience the wonders of  wildlife—from the keynote presentation by America's leading  ornithologist/illustrator and author of the Sibley Guide to Birds - David Allen Sibley, to unparalleled guided tours, boat trips, nature hikes and much more.

It's  an incredible chance to catch sightings of species you've never seen  before. As one of the most important migration stop-overs on the East  Coast, millions of songbirds and butterflies and thousands of raptors  will converge here on their long journey south. With the Eastern Shore  of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge and Kiptopeke State Park nearby,  this is a migration celebration you'll always remember.

With  the festival headquarters' easy accessibility from many major  mid-atlantic metropolitan areas, what's stopping you from celebrating  this fabulous fall migration?  Only 40 minutes from Norfolk and Virginia  Beach; 4 1/2 hours from Washington, DC; and 4 1/2 hours from  Philadelphia it's just a hop, skip or a jump to come for the day or for  the weekend!  Visit www.esvafestivals.org for more information and to register.

Event Dates/Times

10/10/2014 - 10/12/2014


 $100/adult-weekend pass; $40 adult - day pass