Code Blue Bluegrass Band in Concert

Code Blue is a high energy bluegrass band playing everything from the     standard traditional bluegrass music and four part gospel music, to doing     their own music and doing it their way. Although a relatively new presence     in the Tidewater Virginia area, Code Blue puts in the hard work — and     has the individual experience and desire — to provide the polish and     cohesiveness usually seen in much more seasoned ensembles. This band has     dedicated itself to providing quality music in a hard driving, entertaining     way. Code Blue performs high-energy bluegrass from the rock solid     traditionals  to their own arrangements and original music, and derives the     drive and intensity of their music from the long experience and dedication     of the band members. The band is very fortunate to have three great singers     who sing all the parts and take the time to make the vocals work.


 $17 general admission - $14 Seniors/Military/Students w ID's - $12 Members of Tidewater Friends of Folk Music