Bowling- Subway Commonwealth Games of Virginia

Format (does not pertain to seniors):

1. Tournament consists of 1 set of 5 games. (Top qualifier in each division automatically advances to semi-final round.)

2. Round 1 - 1/3 of the field will advance to Sunday

3. Round 2 - All bowlers bowl 2 games with top 1/2 of the field advancing to the semi-finals (immediately following)

4. Semi-Finals - All bowlers bowl 2 games with the 3 bowlers in each division and age bracket advancing to the finals (The top qualifier from Round 1 bowls for pin count only, for a 9 game total)

5. Finals - Head-to-Head, 1 game matches determine winners for each division (Scratch & Handicap) and age group.

6. All pin count will be dropped for each round. The top 3 will line up by 9 game totals.

Friday July 31st 2015:

Senior - all games begin at 1pm

Saturday August 1st 2015: Squad A bowls 5 games at 8:30am

     Squad B bowls 5 games at 2pm

Sunday August 2nd 2015: Round 2 - All qualifiers bowl at 9am

Semi-Finals - Follow completion of Round 2 Finals -

Follow completion of Semi-Finals Division: Scratch or Handicap - Bowler may only bowl in the event that he/she has qualified in. If qualified in both, bowler may choose either Scratch or Handicap.


Event Dates/Times

7/31/2015 - 8/2/2015


 $35 per bowler ($25 Seniors) if received by June 28 and $45 per bowler ($25 Seniors) if received after June 28