Alpaca Basics Seminar

Alpaca Basics an Introduction to “Embracing Your Alpaca Investment”

During this One Day seminar you will be introduced to:
- Getting Started and Building a Research Library.
- History of the Alpacas and the Alpaca Industry.
- Basic Farm Design, Shelter, Pastures, and Tack essentials
- Fundamentals of Diet, Daily Chores, Routine Medical Care and Shearing.
- Choosing Alpacas to meet your Investment Goals and Herd Growth.
- Marketing, Alpaca Shows, Farm Tours, and Fiber Workshops.
- Business Planning and Tax Benefits.
- Hands-On Experience with an Alpaca.

This one day exciting seminar focuses on answering the questions that one may have if interested in raising alpacas.

Included is a methodically prepared 65  page full color Alpaca Basics presentation.

CLASS SIZE: 12 people

** Registration Forms are on our website!!

Event Dates/Times

 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM