Moonshine Express

Hear true tales of likker in 'The Moonshine Capital of The World.' More than 75 characters & interpreters tell the story of moonshining in Franklin County. Learn how they made it and why - and some of the more amusing consequences. Tales of prohibition, antique barrooms, likker makers and drinkers. Ride a vintage tour bus, stopping at multiple scenes around the county seat - Rocky Mount. Vintage people, vehicles. Full-size replica likker still - a veteran of the trade tells you how it operated. Meet folks from both sides of the law, hear from the most famous lady rum runner of her time and hear "church women" decry Demon Rum. It's not against the law to talk about making liquor - and that's what we do! Choose your departure time for an approximate 1 1/2-hour tour. Rain or shine. Advance ticket purchase recommended .Visit the History Museum, 460 S Main St., Rocky Mount.  Phone orders, credit cards.


 $14.00 per person