Carter Family Fold Weekly Music

The Carter Family Fold welcomes you every Saturday night, carrying on the musical and performing traditions of A.P. Carter, his wife, Sara, and her sister Maybelle at the dawn of the age of country music - an age they helped establish beginning in 1927. And they did it right here where the Carter Fold is today, in Poor Valley, at the foot of the Clinch Mountain in Southwest Virginia.

 A Saturday with us in rural southwest Virginia will supply you with an evening of musical entertainment and country hospitality you won't soon forget. Chances are you'll make some new friends and take with you some fond memories. We'd love to have you visit us.

Check our show schedule on our website for performers and more information.

Event Dates/Times

 7:30 PM
 7:30 PM
 7:30 PM
 7:30 PM
 7:30 PM


 $10 for adults, $1 for children 6 to 11, under age 6 is free.