Biathlon - Subway Commonwealth Games of Virginia

"Summer Biathlon" is a  combination of running and rifle marksmanship. Summer biathlon uses the  same format as the Olympic Winter version, except that running is  substituted for skiing. The standard distance is a 5K. The rifles are  .22 caliber. Shooting 2 1/2 inch targets at 25 meters.

Competitors begin with  a 1 mile run that brings them to the shooting range. They lay down,  pick up the rifle, shoot five shots at metal knock down targets, jump  up, walk to the end of the range and continue the running. One mile  later they are back at the range, and shoot five shots from the standing  position. The race ends with a 1 mile dash to the finish. The is for  overall time, penalty lap of 100 yards will be required running by each  competitor for each missed target. The additional running distance will  be completed at the time of the misses. Interval starts are used.

Location: Roanoke Rifle, Revolver Club

Fees: Individual - $35

Teams - $35 for the 1st member, $10 for each additional member
Additional $5 fee for mail-in registrations

Registration deadline: Entries must be received by midnight of July 7, 2014. Entries received after the deadline will NOT be honored.

Event Dates/Times



 There are fees to participate, but no spectator fees.