The Green Onion

Despite a name that sounds like a vegan haven or a trendy latch-on to the wholesale greening of America, The Green Onion is an eclectic bistro with both Euro-centric and contemporary American sensibilities. The name is emblematic of this cool, cosmopolitan eatery’s value on freshness and budding professionalism. While there is ample fare to sate non-meat eaters, such as sweet chili-sautéed vegan chicken over a mixed green salad with cremini mushrooms and red onions, one may also opt for the pecan-topped Dijon and brown sugar marinated double cut-Frenched pork chop with smashed sweet potatoes or the grilled lamb chops accompanied by a polenta cake with Stilton. Seafood surfaces here, too, and 120 pounds of mussels may be downed before each Wednesday’s all-you-can-eat special is through.