Tasty Creme Donuts Lunch & Breakfast

Tasty Crème is well known for its hand made fresh doughnuts but there are more treasures to experience in addition to the many flavored doughnuts.

A full breakfast menu is served daily. You may choose a traditional plate or create your own. If you're undecided the all in one breakfast wrap includes meat, potatoes, cheese and egg.  

Lunch is just as rewarding as breakfast. No more settling for a sandwich or a burger. A few choices available; fresh garden salads, spuds, taco salads, philly cheese steak sandwiches and wraps. All made fresh while you wait.
If time is an issue for you, call in and fax orders will be ready when you arrive.

At the end of your meal when your sweet tooth kicks in, treat yourself to a fresh hand made doughnut. Be warned the flavors are so plentiful the choice will not be easy.

M-F 7-5, Sat 7–3