Prix Fixe Dinner at Greenock

Seating at 6:30pm, you'll find homemade breads waiting beneath the candlelight. The Amuse Bouche, a tiny taste offered to whet your appetite offers a tantalizing hint of what is to come.

As you progress through the five courses, a scrumptious sampling of soup, made from scratch, is served. The third course, your salad, follows.

Now, take a few minutes to let it all settle while we put the finishing touches on the entrée which is served along with an assortment of vegetables for the table.

You may wonder how to fit one more bite yet you know dessert is still on the way. Take a break from the table. Enjoy a stroll on the porch and grounds or simply relax in the parlor. Take 10 minutes or so, while we brew fresh hot coffee and garnish the dessert. Hopefully, you're ready for a sensational finale when you return to the table.