Peter Chang China Cafe

Sichuan-style meals are layers of hot & spicy and mild & meaty. To begin, snacks or starters are bites and nibbles that alternate between crispy, chewy, spicy, mild and sticky. Then, the spice level slowly builds throughout the main courses. Soup is often served throughout the meal to offset (or add-to) the crescendo of seasonings. Traditionally, Chinese meals are served family style. Dishes are sent out hot off the stove and not all of the food will arrive at the same time. Like a meal in a our home, our oversized portions are meant to be shared.

If dining with parties of 4 or more, we suggest that you make reservations to dine during our peak lunch and dinner hours. For parties less than 4, please arrive at 5 PM or after 8 PM in order to minimize the wait.