In 1966, Louis Seretis purchased a small confectionary. It was called "Orapax" for the street upon which the front door opened. Through that door, regular patrons, mainly longshoremen, railroad workers, and other locals, came to purchase medicine, cigars, and Louie's own "Poorman's" sandwiches -- Spam and cheese on white bread. Others drifted in to have a beer or shoot a game of pool.
In 1973, Louie replaced the pool table, the pinball machine, the bar, and his popular Poorman's sandwich with his own original recipe Greek Pizza. The results were truly astonishng! Orapax became known throughout Norfolk as "The Place to Eat."
By 1982, when his son, Nick, joined him in the business Together, they undertook to expand Orapax to triple its original size while maintaining its reputation for having the feel of a family dining room.