Omar's Carriage House

The Original Carriage House was built in the early 1840's. From the first floor, if you look up at the center of the room, you'll see the large opening where hay used to be loaded into carriages.

A 19th century timber merchant, Captain John L. Roper, bought the property after the Civil War. The family carriage, horses, riding equipment, and even a sleigh were kept in the carriage house. For years, the old carriage house stood idle until one of Mr. Roper's granddaughters decided it would make an ideal tea room. 

In the mid 1940′s Virginia Bruce Roper converted the facility into a restaurant. It’s reputation grew as a quaint tea room where good food and good friendship were regularly enjoyed. Artists and celebrities frequented The Carriage House. Among them, Mrs. Douglas McArthur in 1980. 

In 1974, new owners turned the business into a night spot known as “Round the Corner.” Repurchased in 1978, it was renamed back to The Carriage House, renovated, and returned to its original menu of aged, seasoned beef, and fresh seafood. Yet another owner, Omar Boukhriss, purchased “Maude’s House” in 1998, and restored “The Carriage House” and its traditions.