Local Roots - A Farm To Table Restaurant

Farm-to-table cuisine is alive and thriving in Roanoke, VA.  We serve  modern American fare and use as many sustainable, organic, local, and  ethical (S.O.L.E) products as possible.  We're going "back to the  future" - mixing food traditions and flavors of the past with  contemporary techniques.  Because  we use the the best products from the  best farms, we know we're bringing the best possible food and service  to your table.

We're also very particular about where our  beverages come from.  We prefer small batch, family-owned, rare, and  unique purveyors.  Our menus constantly change because of seasonal  shifts and new-found favorites.  If you've got a favorite wine, beer, or  cocktail, tell us about it.  We're always eager to expand our beverage  program.