Iota Club & Cafe

IOTA Club & Cafe, and its new cafe/lounge "iotaday", is a good place to go to, located at 2832 Wilson Blvd. Arlington VA 22201, just two blocks from the Clarendon Metro Station. IOTA is a gathering place with superb coffee-espresso-tea, easy eats, Wi-Fi and live music at night. IOTA serves breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner daily. IOTA sells IOTA Growlers and fills and refills from 12 new beer taps.
General Information
IOTA Club & Cafe has added iotaday to the nightly music venue.
iotaday is a cafe/lounge open all day every day.
We serve coffee/espresso new to Clarendon brewing beans roasted by Caffe Pronto Roastery of Annapolis - luxurious excellence from seed to cup. We have excellent Wi-Fi.
Baristas on duty 6:30AM to 6:30PM Mon-Fri.
Baristas on duty 8:00AM to 6:30PM Sat-Sun.