George Bowers Grocery

In 1881 a New Yorker named George Bowers traveled to Staunton, Virginia and set up a neighborhood grocery store. Despite being just a few years after the Civil War the neighborhood embraced Mr. Bowers' grocery. It survived and thrived until his death.  Today you can enjoy an updated version of George's shop in an 1880s era school house. Dine outside and enjoy a delicious deli sandwich, Polyface Farms burger or hotdogs, or other snacks as you explore historic Staunton. (Oh: and we LOVE craft beer.)

As George described his shop: "we sell staple goods and fancy groceries". Come see for yourself!

:: AS SEEN IN ::
The New York Times
American Public Radio

:: HOURS ::
Tuesday thru Saturday

Spring: Noon until 8pm
Summer: Noon until 10pm
Fall: Noon until 8pm
Winter: Noon until 6pm 

:: YELP ::

"GBG is a winner in 3 categories: delicious food, well-decorated atmosphere & welcoming congenial hosts.   Highlight: they use Polyface Farm meats for their burgers, hot dogs and bacon!  It's a welcoming place to be whether for meal, a beer/coffee or some groceries!"