Gelati Celesti

Gelati Celesti uses the best ingredients from all over the world: cocoa from France, pecans from Georgia, and cream from the best dairy farms in mid-Atlantic region. Our Italian equipment minimizes the air whipped into our product, making it uniquely flavorful, thick and creamy, and flat out special. We are honored and humbled to have been named Best Ice Cream by area publications 12 times.
In addition to the more than 85 flavors that we rotate seasonally and throughout the year, we offer made-to-order ice cream pies and cakes personally decorated for any occasion. When you just can't get enough, we will hand-pack your favorites in quart or pint containers so you can have Gelati Celesti at home or wherever you get the craving. We also make banana splits, milkshakes and sundaes with your choice of any of our premium ice cream flavors.

Monday – Thursday Noon - 10:00 pm
Friday – Saturday Noon – 11:00 pm
Sunday Noon – 10:00 pm