We are now celebrating 21 years of business!!

At Fellini’s, we are going to treat you like our own.  We are going to treat you like family.

Think about the most delicious pizzas you have ever had.  Think about our beautiful pasta dishes.  Think about our delicious seafood.  Think about our perfectly prepared salads, our steaks, and our satisfying sandwiches.  

When you’re with family, there is no door on the kitchen that says “Keep Out.”  At Fellini’s, our kitchen is open.  We want you to see the fresh ingredients.  We want you to see your dinner come out of the oven, or skillfully sautéed before you eyes.  We are proud of what we are doing here.

You want to be happy?  Think about lunch or dinner at Fellini’s right now.

Bring your loved one.  Bring your friends.  Bring your family.

Fellini’s. We want you … to be happy.