Donut Dinette

In the trendy, upscale Norfolk neighborhood of Ghent, you will find the Do-Nut-Dinette. The tiny dinette building itself, its rare green Coca-Cola outdoor signage and the mint green interior panels are all 1947 originals. The Do-Nut is open 7 days a week. Monday-Sunday it’s open 6am-2pm. Breakfast is served @ anytime of the day, but the real treat @ the Do-Nut Dinette is the freshly made donuts. They make one large batch of only plain glazed donuts in the morning and when they sell out, that’s it. I had one, then another and then another with a cold glass of milk. I would have eaten more, but they sold out. Get there early before they sell out. A warning, they don’t make donuts on Mondays. Enjoy these sweet treats!