At dish our mission is to offer our clientele the finest food and beverages from many different cultures so they may explore diverse tastes and experience the passion of the world of food. dish is designed to provide our guests with many options for dining. They are encouraged to order and sample a few of the small plates to share or combine several for an entire meal. Each person may choose only small plates or they can follow their small plate selection with one of our entrees from the daily special chalkboard. To encourage sharing and family style dining we also offer a selection of side dishes to round out any meal. There are no rigid rules, eat what you like -- a nibble of this a taste of that. For dessert we will offer various house made pies served a al mode or on their own. In addition, the entire inventory at dish is available to go -- whether it is beer or wine, olive oil or fresh produce, cheese or bread -- our customers may purchase the ingredients for a meal or we will package any menu item to go.