Charlie's Cafe


Fireman James Harper and his wife Berta bought the lot at 18th and Granby and constructed a single family Victorian home and it is today one of the oldest surviving structures on Granby Street. They converted the property in the 1920’s to a residence and confectionary which began the buildings long history as a local’s favorite eatery. A major revitalization of Ghent led to local businessman and entrepreneur Lance Epstein to buy the rundown property in 1983 and open “Swanky Frankys” Hotdogs. Years later Lance sold the business to Charlie Ellison and his mother Gladys and they opened “Charlie’s Home Cooking.” Following Charlie and his “biscuit making mama Gladys” it was Kathy Lawless that introduced the amazing “killer omelets” to Charlie’s Cafe. When Norfolk firefighters saved Charlie’s from