Blackbird Bakery

Located just off State Street in the historical  section of downtown Bristol, Virginia, Blackbird Bakery opened its doors  in the summer of 2008. Since then, "The Blackbird" has become a  favorite bakery shop for the locals in Bristol and has developed the  reputation as one of the top bakeries in the tri-cities area.

When you visit the bakery, you will feel as though  you stepped back to a time when neighbors and shop owners knew each  other on a first name basis. One of the first things you will notice is  the pleasant, friendly and inviting atmosphere that awaits you when you  step through the door.

Although the specialty of the house is  doughnuts, you will also find delicious pastries and desserts ranging  from mouth-watering baklava and chocolate croissants, to brownies,  cupcakes, and pies. Baked fresh daily, when you take the first bite, you  will realize that our products are handmade with only the freshest and  finest ingredients.