Bennett's Creek Farm Market & Deli

Originally a roadside produce stand offering locally grown fruits and vegetables, the Bennett’s Creek Farm Market and Deli is a Suffolk landmark 40 years in the making.  J.C. Matthews began the small business in 1963, which grew rapidly and became a family operated market offering fresh meats and produce.  When the tradition seemed to be nearing the end in 1997, Jim Shirley purchased the market from Matthews, who was retiring.  Honoring the market’s inherited integrity, it has expanded and flourished into a local favorite.  The former produce stand now offers hot meals, catering, a gourmet coffee bar, a seafood counter, an ice cream parlor, and a bakery.  If success wasn’t sweet enough, the Bennett’s Creek Farm Market and Deli was honored with the coveted Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce award for Best Small Business 2003 in Suffolk.