Gum Springs Historical Society and Museum

Gum Springs is the oldest African American Community in Fairfax County, formaly established in 1833. West Ford, a former slave, founded the community after being freed by George Washington.

Located close to the Mount Vernon Estate,the community was a sanctuary for freedmen and runaways. Samuel Taylor, a runnaway slave established the first institution in Gum Springs, The Bethlehem Baptist church. Assisted by Quakers, the first school was established at  Bethlehem.  The Gum Springs Historical Society And Museum was established to preserve and disseminate the history of the Gum Springs Community. Many activites, including exhibits and lecturers at the Gum Springs Museum ccelebrate the triumph of this historic black community. Today, Gum Springs has more than 2,500 residents, up to 500 descended from the original families.

Schedule:The Center is open from 6 PM To 8 PM, Monday - Friday. Tuesdays and Saturdays from 1 PM To 3 PM. Keep checking as the schedule will be expanding.